JefF - General Manager

Before becoming the General Manager at BULA ON THE BEACH, Jeff was The Master Brewer at BULA KAFE. With the original recipes in hand and his scientific experiments, perfecting the brews was his mission. Jeff has many talents, from re-creating the recipes to what they are today, to managing a Kava Bar, a team of Kavatenders and Brewers, as well as being a Jack Of All Trades. He is the go-to guy for making improvements at all 3 Bula Kava Bar Locations, a Master Craftsman, a lead team member in the build-out of Bula Cocoa Beach Kava Bar. He’s an outdoorsman, passionate about alchemy, loves to garden, play softball, an avid gamer! You can catch him most evenings at BULA ON THE BEACH!

Michael- Kavatender

Michael’s down to earth and sweet disposition is always welcoming when he’s tending bar! A performer at heart you may catch him dancing to one of your favorite songs behind the bar! When he’s not tending bar or doing school work his alter ego “Greta Grip” takes over and he performs drag at the Iberian Rooster. Greta Grip is a talented performer. Michael loves to travel and speak Spanish as well, he is always looking for someone to practice with! Come see Michael at BULA ON THE BEACH!

Conner- Kavatender/Master Brewster

A broken heart, believe it or not, brought Conner to Bula On The Beach, and four days later was hired as a Brew Master. Conner was a shy introvert 3 years ago. You would never know that about him now, as he dances, and performs behind the bar to his favorite tunes. Conner has a passion for music and plays a variety of instruments, including the guitar, banjo, piano, and ukulele. He loves to write poetry and screenplays. He’s a philosopher and a ponderer, loves animals, anime and mind adventures. He loves to cook, he’s a romantic, and a hat aficionado. Come see this magical soul at Bula On The Beach.

Brett - Kavatender

With a one of a kind style, Brett is a super cool guy. With his thick curly hair that forms long ringlets, to his playful nickname “stache” (mustache), he’s a beautiful throwback from the 70’s show. He started at BULA ON THE BEACH as a customer who was only going to keep a friend company, he didn’t understand what the kava community was about. He did eventually catch on and just kept going back. Brett was noticed by BULA Team Members and was invited to join the team as a Brewer and Kavatender. He spreads joy and cheers with his outgoing smile and personality. He loves his cats, the beach, is an avid gamer and a true sweetheart. Come see Brett at BULA ON THE BEACH

Jon - Kavatender

Jon loves his job at BULA ON THE BEACH and is a hard worker, “with a work ethic that would put a tadpole to shame,” according to his coworker Conner. He started with BULA ON THE BEACH, as a Bar-Back and Brewer making his way to Master Brewer and Kavatender. His Kavatending skills come as no surprise as he is friendly, outgoing, social and proud to be part of the BulaTribe. Jon is committed, loyal loves his family, a great brother and everyone’s friend. He has aspirations to travel, loves the beach, loves video games and is a great athlete. You can see Jon most nights at BULA ON THE BEACH!


Brennan - Kavatender

Don’t let Brennan’s rough around the edges exterior fool you, he is a super lovable and funny human! He has quite the eclectic love of music, the list is endless! You can catch him on Saturday Mornings at BULA ON THE BEACH, and if you’re lucky he’ll croon a tune or two for you On beautiful days you’ll see him riding his Harley! When he’s taking some time off, he and his sidekick Wren (beautiful canine companion) love to go hiking in the mountains of North Carolina! Come see Brennan at BULA ON THE BEACH!