—— The locals dubbed nickname for Bula On The Beach.

Day or night the tiki bar and courtyard is a sanctuary with couches, lounge chairs, and umbrellas.  After sunset, look for the glow of twinkling lights, from the back patio giving the illusion of an outdoor paradise!  

The beach is right across the street,  you can soak up some rays or catch Sunset.  Play a game of Pool or Ping-Pong!  Have work to do?  Bring your computer, we have free wi-fi.  Want some “me time?”  Immerse yourself in a book or hang out with friends, new and old!

Since 2015

Bula On The Beach is the second of four current Bula locations in Florida.  Owned by a Pinellas local, this establishment located in beautiful Madeira Beach has sprung deep roots with a proud family of patrons whom gladly welcome the beach tourists and local newcomers on a daily basis.  

All Are Welcome

With talented, friendly kavatenders behind the bar at all hours of the day an night you’ll fit right in while enjoying some of the very best alcohol alternatives this wide-world has to offer.  

Specializing in KAVA, Bula On The Beach sources only the best Noble Kava Strains from Vanuatu and Solomon Island maximizing potency, effectiveness with no additives.  Delicious and strong coffee and botanical tea options are available in wide varieties of only the highest quality. 

Meet the Bula On The Beach

Dream Team

Come hang, play, chill or even work at ‘Bob’, just be sure to

Bula With Us

Hold your shell up high, wait for the que and belt out a big loud “BULA” before you slam that shell.