Escape The Everyday.

Bula On The Beach of Madeira Beach, Florida

A Proper Beach Kava Bar

Located on Sunny Madeira Beach, on the Gulf Of Mexico, west of St. Petersburg, you will find a Kava Bar named after it’s traditional Kava drinking ritual “BULA.”

Known for the area’s best kava, coffee and botanical teas, we pride ourselves firstly with the community we’ve grown.

All are welcome.

What is Kava?

Kava, when ingested, has a relaxing effect on the body, eases tension and alleviates stress while enhancing mental clarity, creativity, and sociability.  Very similar to a booze buzz, but without the alcohol and hangover.  Amazing Right?

You will also find a large selection of stimulating drinks from caffeine to matcha to botanical teas, there’s a potion for everyone, and the experience is as enchanting, as are the drinks served.

Best Beach Bar
TWO Years Running

Creative Loafing’s ‘Best of the Bay‘ Readers Choice award for “Best Beach Bar” in the Tampa Bay / Pinellas area went to this one-of-a-kind Kava bar even though Bula On The Beach serves no alcohol.

View CLTampa’s results pages: 2019, 2020.


Fairly good chance we are open right now

  • Monday: 7:30AM – 2:00AM (yes, 19.5 hours open)
  • Tuesday: 7:30AM – 2:00AM
  • Wednesday: 7:30AM – 2:00AM
  • Thursday: 7:30AM – 2:00AM
  • Friday: 7:30AM – 3:00AM (20.5+ hours open)
  • Saturday: 7:30AM – 3:00AM
  • Sunday: 7:30AM – 2:00AM
14601 Gulf Blvd, Madeira Beach, FL 33708